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LITEceiver - Wireless Flagging Solution

Instant Flags - Safer Racing - Fully Encrypted

Safety at The Speed of LITE!

Designed for:

  • Circle Track
  • Karting
  • Powerboat Racing

Simple installation allows you to mount the LITEceiver in seconds. The rechargeable battery will last all day (8 to 12 hrs) and can be hardwired for longer events.

Get - Green, Yellow, White, Red and Checkered Flags - Instantly

There is NO LIMIT on the number of vehicles using the system and it is all controlled with a touch of a button.

Flags set from Race Control are received immediately and shown on ALL LITEceivers.

Rugged simple design..even Floats! 


  • Roll Bar Mounted
  • Bright Flag Status LEDs
  • Long Range Radio
  • Encrypted Channels
  • Optional EZ Release Mounts
  • Rechargeable or Hardwired USB
  • 7.5", 2.5" , 1" in with Antenna
  • Only 6oz!


  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instructions

*Requires race control system to be active, check with your racing league.

This device is an enhancement to and not intended as a replacement of actual human flagging or other existing warning systems. 

We offer extended range repeaters for boating or longer distances. 

Our system can also integrate with some existing track lighting or we can control our own external lighting for pit open/close etc. 

Multiple channels available to run events simultaneously or to avoid interference.