1. I am hearing all static.

Replace Battery
Your Squelch is turned off. Hold the blue button and the right arrow key down at the same time to fix.
Hold the Blue button down until the channels start to blink. Then use the arrow keys to change to the correct channel.
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No. It’s designed to listen to one channel at a time.
Yes, hold the Red button down until it turns off.
With the LITEceiver on press the power button.
Press CH then Up or Down to cycle through. Press and hold CH to set or let it time out.

The brightness can be adjusted but initial flags notifications will be at FULL brightness.

The LITEceiver will dim down to after 15 seconds if you have lowered the brightness.

Hold the CLEAR button until the screen is fully illuminated.

Press CH to adjust the brightness.

Just the like LITEceiver the initial Flag thrown is at FULL brightness, after 15 seconds the controller will dim down if you adjusted the setting.

Press CH then CLEAR to adjust the channel