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Classic Fusion+ Classic Fusion+
from $99.95 variants
Classic Fusion+ No Headphones
FUS16 $99.95
Classic Fusion+ Helmet Speakers
FUS16HDK $125.90
Classic Fusion+ Custom Molded Headphones (Best)
FUS16PDK $259.90
Classic Fusion+ Semi-Pro Headphones (Better)
FUS16SDK $139.95
Classic Fusion+ Rookie Headphones (Good)
FUS16RDK $125.90
LITEceiver LITEceiver
from $139.95 variants
LITEceiver No EZ Release Mount
LtCvr $139.95
LITEceiver EZ Flat Mount Bracket
LtCvr+LCM-f $159.90
LITEceiver EZ Curved Mount Bracket
LtCvr+LCM-c $159.90
Element USB Charging Cable Element USB Charging Cable

PWRCH $8.99
Custom Professional Driver Earpiece Custom Professional Driver Earpiece

DEP100 $159.95
Element Element
from $109.95 variants
Element No Headphones
EL16R $109.95
Element Helmet Speakers
EL16R/HDK $135.95
Element Custom Headphones (Best)
EL16R/RHP $269.90
Element Semi-Pro Headphones (Better)
EL16R/SPK $149.95
Element Rookie Headphones (Good)
EL16R/REP $135.90
Legend Plus Legend Plus
from $114.95 variants
Legend Plus No Headphones
Leg16 $114.95
Legend Plus Rookie Headphones (Good)
Leg16RDK $140.90
Legend Plus Semi-Pro Headphones (Better)
Leg16SPK $154.95
Legend Plus Custom Headphones (Best)
Leg16PDK $274.90
Semi-Pro Driver Earpiece Semi-Pro Driver Earpiece

EP700 $49.95
LITEceiver USB Charging Cable LITEceiver USB Charging Cable

LChg $10.99
Carbox Carbox

CarBX $9.95
Helmet Holster and Battery Cover Helmet Holster and Battery Cover

HD16H $9.95
Replacement Holster w/Battery Cover Replacement Holster w/Battery Cover

FUS16CLP $9.95
In-Line Volume Control In-Line Volume Control

VOL100 $5.49
Helmet Speakers Helmet Speakers

HS100 $29.95
LITEceiver EZ Mounting Bracket LITEceiver EZ Mounting Bracket
$19.95 variants
LITEceiver EZ Mounting Bracket Curved for Roll Bars
LCM-c $19.95
LITEceiver EZ Mounting Bracket Flat for Dashes etc.
LCM-f $19.95
Element Holster Element Holster

EHD16C $9.95
Orange Foam Replacements Orange Foam Replacements

PAD200 $2.99
Transponder Package Transponder Package

36cm Coiled Cord 36cm Coiled Cord

CC360 $5.49
LAPceiver A.L.T. LAPceiver A.L.T.

RCVLapALT $139.95
Transponder Charging Unit Transponder Charging Unit

Rookie Driver Earpiece Rookie Driver Earpiece

EP900R $25.95
Semi-Pro Single Driver Earpiece Semi-Pro Single Driver Earpiece

EP700S $39.95
Hardwire Transponder Hardwire Transponder

Individual Rechargeable Transponder w/Charging Unit Individual Rechargeable Transponder w/Charging Unit

Rubber Holster Rubber Holster

HD16R $12.95
Mounting Pouch Mounting Pouch

POUCH $20.00
Stereo Splitter Stereo Splitter

SP200 $9.95
Molded Mounting Bracket Molded Mounting Bracket

BRACK $20.00
Rechargeable Transponder Rechargeable Transponder

Lanyard Lanyard

LY100 $5.49
Stick it in your Ear! Stick it in your Ear!
$15.00 variants
Stick it in your Ear! Small
1000 $15.00
Stick it in your Ear! Medium
1001 $15.00
Stick it in your Ear! Large
1002 $15.00
Stick it in your Ear! XL
1003 $15.00
Stick it in your Ear! XXL
1004 $15.00
Stick it in your Ear! XXXL
1005 $15.00