What is covered:

  Each RACEceiver comes with a warranty against manufacturer’s defects from normal and proper use of the product from the date of                     purchase as follows:

     2 Year Warranty:

  • Fusion+
  • Legend+

    1 Year Warranty:
  • Element (including the battery)

What is not covered:

   The warranty does not cover:
  1. defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture or dirt;
  2. products that have the serial number removed, altered or made illegible;
  3. products that have been taken apart or disassembled;
  4. ordinary wear and tear;
  5. defects or damage resulting to LCD display screen from excessive force or pressure; or
  6. defects or damage resulting from battery corrosion.

Please download and complete the below  WARRANTY RETURN FORM and include a copy with your warranty return.
For inspection, your product must be returned to

RACEceiver, LLC
872 Main St SW - Suite D2
Gainesville, GA  30501